MSXML 6.0 vs. System.Xml


Feature MSXML 6 system.xml

Using XML attributes without explicit schema declaration not supported supported
element of type xs:ID supported* not supported
Conflicting values of facets minInclusive, maxInclusive in base and derived types not allowed* allowed
maxOccurs=0 with no minOccurs error* no error
Multiple redefines of the same schema document error warning (only first redefine is processed)
parsing of targetNamespace attribute as anyURI supported* not supported
Regex support for Unicode Character blocks Unicode 3.1 Unicode 4.0.1
Regex patterns involving combinating a negative group with another using ‘|’ not supported supported*
XSD Errata for Regex E2-52 not supported supported*
Regex character class subtraction not supported supported*
Matching newlines/linebreaks from a xsd:pattern facet not supported supported*
minOccurs/maxOccurs value limits upto 2^32 CLR decimal
limit of totalDigits facet values upto 2^32 CLR decimal
datatypes used to store length, minLength, maxLength facet values upto 2^32 CLR decimal
a prohibited attribute in a complex type no error, attribute stripped* warning, attribute stripped*
unreferenced groups in the schema always compiled compiled on reference
default element values availability not supported supported*
expose post schema validation infoset not supported supported*
ENTITY in DTD resolvable by attribute/elements of type xs:ENTITY DOM=Yes, SAX=no Yes
adding a default qualified attribute to an element in a document that has attribute’s namespace as default DOM: apply qualified default attribute with namespace value as the prefix. SAX=does not generate prefix for default qualified attributes error
identity constraints (key/unique) evaluation for skip/lax blocks node is null not able to find node
element with mixed content, and a fixed schema value, containing child elements instance accepted instance not accepted*
whitespace facet on anySimpleType preserve* collapsed
XSD Errata on xs:base64Binary parsing supported* not supported
xs:dateTime: number of year digits supported 10 4
xs:dateTIme: number of fraction digits supported in seconds 9 7
xs:dateTime: Range of hours in time zone “-14:00 to +14:00” * 99:00 to -99:00
xs:dateTime: negative years supported* not supported
“z” (as opposed to “Z”) in xs:dateTime to represent UTC time not allowed* allowed
xs:time: range of hour value 00:00:00 to 24:00:00* 00:00:00 to 23:59:59
xs:gMonth: XSD Errata revised the lexical representation of gMonth only –MM is allowed* both –MM and –MM– are allowed
maximum digits allowed for the xs:decimal data type 128 29
xs:duration: duration with second part specified, but has no digits error no error, infer a 0 for the second part

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