SQL 2000: Query Table Information

-- SQL Server 2000
-- Query table information

DECLARE @object_name SYSNAME
SET @object_name = 'mytable'

    CASE o.type
     WHEN 'C'  THEN 'CHECK constraint'
     WHEN 'D'  THEN 'Default or DEFAULT constraint'
     WHEN 'F'  THEN 'FOREIGN KEY constraint'
     WHEN 'FN' THEN 'Scalar function'
     WHEN 'IF' THEN 'Inlined table-function'
     WHEN 'K'  THEN 'PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint'
     WHEN 'L'  THEN 'Log'
     WHEN 'P'  THEN 'Stored procedure'
     WHEN 'R'  THEN 'Rule'
     WHEN 'RF' THEN 'Replication filter stored procedure'
     WHEN 'S'  THEN 'System table'
     WHEN 'TF' THEN 'Table function'
     WHEN 'TR' THEN 'Trigger'
     WHEN 'U'  THEN 'User table'
     WHEN 'V'  THEN 'View'
     WHEN 'X'  THEN 'Extended stored procedure'
    END 'object type'
  , o.name 'object name'
  , c.name 'col name'
  , t.name type
  , c.length
  , c.xprec 'precision'
  , c.xscale scale
  , CASE
     WHEN c.isnullable = 0 THEN 'No'
     ELSE 'Yes'
    END nullable
  , CASE
     WHEN p.value IS NULL THEN ''
     ELSE p.value
    END 'description'
  , (
     FROM sysindexes i
       INNER JOIN sysindexkeys k ON i.id = k.id
              AND k.indid = i.indid
              AND k.colid = c.colid
     WHERE i.id = o.id
       AND i.indid > 0 AND i.indid < 255 -- indid(0) heap; indid(255) text or rimage
       AND i.status & 64 = 0  -- leave out AUTO_STATISTICS; see master.dbo.spt_values.type = I for details
    ) 'indexed'
  , CASE
     WHEN q.value IS NULL THEN ''
     ELSE q.value
    END 'object description'
  , c.colid 'col'

 FROM sysobjects o
   LEFT JOIN syscolumns c ON o.id = c.id
   LEFT JOIN systypes t   ON c.xtype = t.xtype
   -- col description
   LEFT JOIN sysproperties p ON c.id  = p.id
          AND c.colid = p.smallid
   -- object description
   LEFT JOIN sysproperties q ON o.id = q.id
          AND q.smallid = 0

 WHERE o.name = @object_name
    OR c.name = @object_name

 ORDER BY c.colid

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